ISOChem Centrifugal

The magnetically driven ISOChem series of gear pumps feature a sealless design and are known for their rugged construction and dependable performance.

ISOChem magnetically driven sealless gear pumps offer the reliability you need to safely handle clear lubricating and non-lubricating liquids. A wide variety of material options provide versatility for pumping low or high viscosity fluids over a broad range of temperatures and pressures.

Pulsafeeder’s ISOChem Series is a compact rotary gear pump, designed to safely handle highly corrosive, hazardous, explosive, or toxic chemicals in industrial applications.

IsoChem Series

ISOChem and ECO, UL 1389 certified models

Our rotary gear pumps are routinely used for:
  • Chemical Metering and Transfer
  • Batch or Continuous Production Systems
  • Open Ended and Closed Loop Processes
  • UL 1389 Certified Models

ISOChem gear pumps are well suited for pilot plants, vacuum systems, and metering applications.

The ISOChem provides safe, leak-free service by offering a magnetic coupling which eliminates the need for traditional shaft sealing methods such as mechanical seals and shaft packing, which are the primary source of leakage in rotating shaft pumps. Furthermore, it eliminates the need for expensive seal flushing or lubrication systems. Consequently, this means the time between failures is maximized while maintenance and operation costs are minimized.


  • Leak-Free Sealless Mag-Drive
  • NPT, Flanged and Tri-Clamp Sanitary Connections
  • 316 Stainless, Alloy 20 and Hastelloy C Base Pump Materials
  • Industry Proven Designs
  • Chemically Compatible Gears, Bearings and Wear Plates


Tri-Clamp Fittings

  • Easy pump disconnect for cleaning and maintenance
  • Smooth flow-through ports minimizing crevices and cavities where product can be trapped
  • Short port-to-port dimensions optimize space
  • Eliminates the use of multi-piece tri-clamp NPT adapters

Key Features

  • Neodymium (standard) or Samarium Cobalt coaxial synchronous magnets
  • High torque magnetic coupling minimizes possibility of decoupling
  • Internal pressurized lubrication system
  • Inline discharge and suction connections
  • No additional flushing systems required with sealless design


  • Laminar, non-pulsating flow
  • Compact, close-coupled foot print eliminates issues related to alignment between pump and motor
  • Leak free service minimizes exposure of your personnel to hazardous chemicals
  • Ideal for viscosities from less than 1 to 100,000 cPs
  • Suitable for vacuum service
  • Can be used for metering or transfer of expensive, hazardous and corrosive chemicals
ISOChem Tri-Clamp

ISOChem Centrifugal Products

ISOChem Series GMH6
CMH1 Centrifugal

Flow: 84 gpm (318 lpm)
Pressure: 92 feet (28 meters)

ISOChem Series GMH6
CMH2 Centrifugal

Flow: 84 gpm (318 lpm) 
Pressure: 165 feet (50 meters)

ISOChem Series GMH6
CMH3 Centrifugal

Flow: 84 gpm (318 lpm)
Pressure: 235 feet (71.6 meters)

ISOChem Series GMH6
CMH4 Centrifugal

Flow: 84 gpm (318 lpm) 
Pressure: 297 feet (90.5 meters)

ISOChem Series GMH6
CMH5 Centrifugal

Flow: 84 gpm (318 lpm)  
Pressure: 365 feet (111 meters)