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The MEC-O-MATIC product line of Peristaltic pumps designed with the ability to handle your chemical solution and slurry metering needs.

Industrial Construction

The MEC-O-MATIC line was designed, engineered, and built to last, from the pump case which is molded of a rugged, chemical resistant ABS to the thermal or impedance protected gear motor. All metal gearing parts, which are heat-treated, and the output shaft supported by heavy duty bearings makes depending on the MEC-O-MATIC the right choice.

Application Expertise

The MEC-O-MATIC Series pumps can be used in many different applications from feeding chemicals, detergents, liquid enzymes, and fragrances to slurry and difficult drain/grease cleaning situations. Typical applications for MEC-O-MATIC pumps are water treatment, cooling towers, swimming pools, boilers, agriculture, laundries, carwashes, livestock, metal finishing, warewashing, waste treatment facilities.

MEC-O-MATIC 2400T Series

Flow: 2.5 gpd (0.39 lph) Pressure: to 25 psi (1.72 bar)

MEC-O-MATIC Dolphin Series

Flow: 13 – 97 gpd (2.05 – 15.3 lph) Pressure: 25 psi (1.72 bar)


Flow:12 – 20 gpd (1.89 – 3.15 lph) Pressure: 25 psi (1.72 bar)