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For 80 years, positive displacement, reciprocating metering pumps such as Pulsafeeder’s Pulsa Series have led the industry. These hydraulic diaphragm pumps have been the benchmark for safety, reliability and accuracy. Today, with automatic degassing features like the HypoValve, API-675 compliance, and certified by WQA to “NSF/ANSI/CAN 61” and “NSF/ANSI 372”, the PulsaPro Series is a perfect fit for Water & Wastewater Treatment, Oil & Gas and Industrial applications.

The latest features in the PulsaPro Series include:
  • Push to Purge valve
  • High Performance Valve
  • Hydraulic Bypass Valve
  • 4-Bolt Tie Bar
  • Check valves
  • Diagnostic Window
  • HypoValve

    Pulsafeeder Hydraulically Actuated Diaphragm pumps are designed to simplify operation and maintenance – and they ensure dependability with a 5-year drive train warranty.

The PulsaPro series offers a variety of enhancements that:
  • Simplify commissioning and start up
  • Enhance the pump’s ability to survive upset conditions
  • Reduce the pump’s footprint
  • Meet API-675 compliance
  • Eliminate air binding with the automatic degassing HypoValve
  • Certified by WQA to NSF 61 for North America
  • Protect the integrity of you process with a PULSAlarm leak detection system

PulsaPro Series Products

PulsaPro 680

Flow: 38 gph (144 l/h)
3,100 psi (214 bar)

PulsaPro 880

Flow: 115 gph (435 l/h )
Pressure: 3,100 psi (214 bar)

PulsaPro 7120

Flow: 243 gph (920 l/h)
Pressure:3,100 psi (214 bar)

PulsaPro 7440 Hydraulic Diaphragm Metering Pump
PulsaPro 7440

Flow: 1,098 gph (4,160 l/h)
3,200 psi (220 bar)


PulsaPro pumps are positive displacement, reciprocating metering pumps that combine the high efficiency of a plunger pump with the sturdiness of a diaphragm seal to eliminate leakage. They provide maximum accuracy and repeatability with the dependability of a 5-year drive train warranty. Available in a wide range of materials and diaphragm designs, PulsaPro pumps offer a diverse range of fluid handling solutions