MicroVision EX

Optional PULSAlink Cloud Based Communications – Access your MicroVision EX Controller(s) form anywhere, over an Encrypted cloud based site.

  • Live Readings
  • Data Logging
  • Change Settings
  • Email Notifications
  • Enhanced Graphing Capabilities – Probes, Relays, Water Meters


MicroVision EX Install Wizard makes it quick and easy to configure controller parameters remotely using your computer. With default settings that can be customized, error proof guidelines, and a configuration file which can be used for other installations if operating parameters are the same, the MicroVision EX controller installation is as simple as 1, 2, 3.  


PULSAlink lets you access your MicroVision EX controller(s) with cloud based communications protocol. You can access your controller(s) from your mobile device, tablet or computer where and when you want. Communicate with your cooling tower controller to access Live Readings, Change Settings, Email Notifications of alarms and or Live Readings and download and create reports with out having to be in front of your controller.

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