Pump Handbook

As its name implies, this is the complete manual for metering pump designers, a practical guide for engineers working in all process industries, and a useful workbook for engineering students.

It was written in response to the need for an authoritative engineering reference on the design, application, and maintenance of metering, or controlled-volume pumps. The first publication was to deal with the special pumping problems associated with liquid metering systems in process industries, this one comprehensive volume brings together information previously scattered among technical reports, journals, and manufacturer’s catalogs.

Major topics covered include: power end mechanisms; valving; packing and diaphragms; lubrication; control mechanisms; selection; operation principles; noise; testing; construction; multi-head pumps; safety; and much more.

Clearly and concisely, the Metering Pump Handbook presents all basic principles of the positive displacement pump; develops in-depth analysis of the design of reciprocating pumps and their piping systems; and demonstrates the practical implementation of these concepts through examples of actual pump applications.


  • Fundamentals of pump operation
  • Principles of pump and piping system design
  • Guidelines for selecting adequate materials of construction
  • Examples of metering pump applications to process operations
  • Procedures for sound installation, operation, and maintenance of pumps
  • General formulas, tables, charts, and pumping system layouts